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About Maadi
Maadi Overview:
Maadi is located in the southern suburbs of Cairo, distinguished not only by its geographic isolation from the rest of Cairo but by an English alike suburb style and greenery atmosphere with more than hundred years old “international” tree and plant varieties. What is really concerning the good life in Maadi is the peaceful safe walkways, very short distances to shopping and entertainment facilities ex. (Road 9, Cornish, Road 233, Maadi Grand Mall, Maadi Hotel, Cairo hotel, Residence Hotel, Sofitel, Carrefour), foreign society, social clubs ex. ( Maadi Sport club. CSA, British club, Maadi House), several international schools and nurseries ex.( Cairo American Collage, French International School, Irish Nursery, British Canadian Colombian Nursery).

Maadi History:
The story of this significant neighborhood dates back to 1904 when a railway track was built connecting Cairo to Helwan a suburb, particularly when the Mosseri cousins bought wide stretches of land on both sides of the track and resold them to Egyptian Delta Land and Investment Company (EDLCO). Maadi was planned in 1905 by an English-Canadian retired officer captain Alexander J. Adams in aradial pattern around the railway station. Maadi steadily grew into a wonderful town; well planned and organized it was a home for artists, literati and the high social class as well as a collection of foreign nationalities. Maadi flourished by the inauguration of the sporting club (Maadi sporting club), its first bank (Bank of Alexandria ex-Barclays), and its first gas station (Mobil) and a number of other services including committees' churches and mosques. Construction in Maadi had certain rules and regulations that had to be followed (specified colors for shutters, ratio of garden to building per plot, width of sidewalk etc…) all in continuous harmony to produce the "paradise of Cairo". The town was divided into several parts; the two railway tracks and the canal played a big part in this due to their vertical intersection. The residential area grew within the tracks and just outside towards the Nile while outside the tracks a barracks was constructed by Khedive Ismail as well as a military camp holding 76,000 officers. Maadi had a commercial strip situated on road 9 parallel to one of the railway tracks, no stores were to be opened anywhere else except on the west side of that particular street.

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