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Tips and Tricks to Buy the Home of Your Dreams focusing on the Egyptian market.written by: M.Omar – House Solution Team

Tips and Tricks to Buy the Home of Your Dreams focusing on the Egyptian market buying a deserving house at a reasonable price is always a grave concern. You have to deal with the property dealers, adjust your budget constraints, seek good opportunities and looking for deserving house at the same time. The process of buying a house in Egypt passes through the same stages as elsewhere in the World. We have analyzed and compiled the Egyptian property market in order to help choose the best house pout of available.

1. Compile your requirements in a house: First of all, you should analyze the things you want and don’t want in your new house. This can better be compiled by abstracting a comparison from your present home. Prioritize one of the most urgent and inevitable features that you would necessarily want in your new house. Then less important things and finally proceed to avoidable facilities. Similarly draw a red line to the things you can’t afford to have in the new house. Then proceed to some tolerable aspect gradually. This process will help you choose the best out of available. Shortly, you can call it a wish list.


2. Look into Legal matters: You should have a look into legal matters, Government taxes and local regulations. Confirm the ownership of the property through legal channels. You have to confirm genuineness of the property in most of the eastern property market. This is also the case in the Egyptian property market. To protect your investment and avoid legal complications, must take local regulators onboard. Real estate company in Egypt is heavily taxed specially for buyers which should be included in your budget before any final decision.


3. Facilities and urban standards: In country like Egypt, a property buyer must consider the available civic and urban facilities in mind. In first look, you should prioritize your wish list. Electricity is not available fulltime in some areas Egypt. Look for the areas where electricity, gas, communications, schools, colleges, hospitals, market, roads and parks are easily accessible. Some cities in Egypt are really developed and organized like Alexandria, Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh and few other areas around these cities.


4. Research your neighborhood: Egypt has been in the headlines for political reasons in the recent past. Research your neighborhood before the final deal in your house buying process. Foreigners are legally allowed in Egypt to buy a property for their families. There are areas where foreign nationals have more access to Government supervision. These areas should be preferred before a final decision.


5. Business opportunities: If you are thinking of establishing a business after acquiring your dream house and living standards, Egyptian society offers you enormous opportunities. Basically Egypt has an economy that is mostly driven by tourism industry. Millions of people visit the pre-historic remains of ancient kings specially the pyramids of Egypt. Egypt also produces oil and gas and earn from their export. Education system in Egypt is comparatively developed and established as compared to other Arab Nations.


6. Real estate survey: It is strongly recommended that the potential buyer should conduct a detailed survey before buying a house. Prices of real estate in Egypt vary from time to time and place to place. Property dealers help those who attract them more with generous payments. Try to choose the right lawyer and property dealer. If you are lucky enough, you can have a direct deal with a seller but it is very rare in Egypt.


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