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7 Ways to make an apartment appear bigger than it’s size

7 Ways to make an apartment appear bigger than it’s size written by: Wakaraari

Those people who live in major cities usually find themselves in circumstances where they run short of living space.

Consider someone who lives in a penthouse for rent in Maadi Egypt. Since the rental house is not getting any bigger, that person may decide to look for the most suitable ways to make it appear bigger and much more expansive. The following are some of the tips to consider when someone wants to have his look more expansive.

1. Ensure that you don’t block the windows
Ensure that you don’t block the windows when making efforts to make your apartment look bigger. The windows are quite important for bringing in natural light as well drawing our eyes upward. The furniture should be organized in such a way that windows are clearly highlighted.

2. Source furniture with low profile
Sourcing furniture with low profile can be an easy way of making your apartment look bigger and expansive. It is not advisable for one to source furniture that directly sit right on the ground.Your furniture should have long narrow and contoured legs. This will make your apartment space look much more bigger than it actually is.

3. Move your furniture off the wall
Moving your couch and other furniture some inches from the wall will make your apartment look more expansive.

4.go for expandable furniture
it is possible to make a room look bigger by going for expandable furniture which can be carefully when not in use. when the guests come over to your house,you can expand the furniture to suit the occasion.

5. Source reflective materials
For your small apartment to appear bigger,you should have a lot of reflective materials in it. For instance, a mirror is one thing that can easily expand your space. You may also decide to go for chrome or even platinum furniture. They all contribute to making the space expansive.

6. Declutter
Clutter will never be good while in your apartment. If you have the need to make your apartment look bigger and expansive,decluttering it is very important. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to toss it,donate it,store it or give it to someone as a gift,the most important thing for you is to get rid of it.

7. Lighter neutral colors
Darker colors make a small apartment look claustrophobic. You should consider lighter neutral colors for your space to look airy and expansive. You can also decorate and style the space using neutral palette.

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