Why It’s Important to Use a Real Estate Agency

Why It’s Important to Use a Real Estate Agency:


Whether you are buying or selling a house, it is important to work with a real estate agency to ensure that your purchase or sale goes through without a hitch. Despite the fact that you can you can list your house for sale online or go online and look up all the details of the houses for sale in any particular area, there is so much more that goes into the purchase or sale of a house than what is found in an online listing. Here are the reasons why a real estate agent is best suited to help you in all your real estate dealings:

Licensed Professional

First and foremost, real estate agents are licensed professionals. They absolutely must adhere to a strict code of ethics and their one and only responsibility is to represent your best interests. They will do everything in their power to ensure that you come out with the best possible real estate deal.

Knowledge of Real Estate Regulations

Regulations in the real estate industry are constantly changing. Chances are, if you are buying or selling a home, it has been a few years since your last real estate transaction. Even if you knew the regulations back then, you have probably lost touch. Real estate agencies and their agents are responsible for keeping fully up-to-date on all regulation changes so they can best serve your interests.

Negotiation Experts

Buying or selling a house calls for negotiating and then more negotiating. And this isn’t just about negotiating the sale price, although that is certainly the primary negotiation; this is also about negotiating for other things, like whether a new roof will be put on before the sale closes or whether the appliances or window coverings are included.

Real estate agents are experts at negotiation. They know the value of a house and what’s in it and they don’t only try to negotiate the price you want, but also speak on your behalf when you have issues with something in the house or with some part of the deal. In essence, the agent can take the fall in any transaction and ensure the buyer and seller remain on good terms.

A lot of people think that selling a house on their own is going to save them money. However, the negotiation skills of a real estate agent can save you more than you would save on commission if you sold without an agent. They can also potentially save you money on legal issues down the road.

Dealing with Contracts

Real estate contracts these days can easily be more than 50 pages long. Do you really want to wade something that long and complex on your own? An agent can guide you through the contract, ensure you come up with a good offer or counter-offer, and ensure you are protected in case some aspect of the deal on either end falls through. For example, if your financing falls through or the inspection is a bust, you will have the right to pull out of the contract.

Pricing and Selling

Agents deal in properties every day of their lives. They know the value of a home just by looking at it. They know all the factors that go into determining the value of a property, which hinges on more than just location and size of the home and property. If you are selling, they will help you set a fair price for your house, and if you are buying, they will know how far you should reasonably expect to talk down the sale price. And if you think you can just go buy online estimates of the price or your property, then think again. These can be off by as much as 35%.

Great Contacts

Finally, a real estate agent will have a list of trustworthy contacts you can use during the sale or purchase of a home. If you need a stager or an inspector, you don’t have to waste time shopping around when your agent can refer you to someone. If you need renovations, a decorator, or a moving company, you can often get referrals for these, too.

Using a real estate agency when buying or selling your home just makes good sense. It doesn’t just save you money; it also saves you time, effort, and a lot of stress and can make the sale or purchase of your home a pleasant experience.


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